Aritaum Color Lasting Tint Review


Could it be? A second nhận xét in one week for Oh My Gloss Blog? Yes! I have been sorting out some time to lớn post regularly again, yay! Today’s review is about the color Live Tints from Aritaum that I have been wearing religiously! If you follow me on my social truyền thông accounts you can see why! They are the prettiest tints!

Old Tint vs.New Tint Comparison

These tints were released early this year 2017 and it has been said that this is an upgraded version of the màu sắc Lasting Tint that Aritaum had before. The lasting tints had 15 shades but the color live tints have the 12. The packaging is more simple, & personally I like the color Live one more than I bởi the màu sắc Lasting. The màu sắc Live has a đáng yêu little heart window to see the actual color inside và is a good way to lớn see if you need khổng lồ stock up again, he he. The applicator is also different from the old tints. The color lasting one had a donut shape but the màu sắc lasting one is a long doe foot tip. I’m not sure about the texture and wear of the màu sắc lasting tints but from what I’ve heard và read they say that it’s a better unique than before. These actually remind me of the Yves Saint Laurent Vinyl Lip Tints, very similar color shades and number of choices, all black packaging with window, similar texture và shine. So I guess you could say these are a dupe!



The Live is actually an acronym for its formulation!

Lightness in textureIntense màu sắc and lastingVarious colors to compliment all skin tones

Effective glossiness ( that one is a bit of a stretch lol)

I have to lớn agree that all of its description is true! It’s not sticky at all & it doesn’t feel lượt thích I have anything on my lips. Also the texture is a creamy mousse-gel formula so the application is very silky & smooth. The pigmentation on these are also really good. You get the màu sắc that you see.

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It’s great for full lips or gradation lips.The colors that are available are all so pretty! Aritaum did a really good job of picking colors that are trendy yet will look good on anyone. Also the color’s aren’t just you typical coral, red, pink, và orange that you might get at some road shops. I guess I want khổng lồ say that the colors are more sophisticated.

These tints vì chưng leave a stain và last quite a while, but if you’re eating greasy foods then it will fade. When it does it wasn’t too splotchy or uneven, so if you vày forget lớn reapply it won’t look terrible. I also like the glossy formula, it hydrates my lips & it makes them look healthy. Especially perfect for spring and summer. The glossiness stays for a while to, but again eating an drinking will fade it.

The application is also very easy & the color adheres well and it doesn’t bleed, or give be the yogurt effect – gunk around the inside of the lips. The doe foot applicator makes it easy to lớn line the outer lip for a full lip look. There is a fruity cosmetic smell which I don’t mind but some of you might not lượt thích it. There isn’t a bad perfumy taste either.



I LOVE THESE TINTS! They are great quality and very affordable. I already bought four, but I can’t seem khổng lồ find one of them. Aritaum in Korea sometimes have these 1+1 sales on tints & if they vày another sale I will probably get more and stock up on some of my favorite shades like coral on top!

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