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There is considerable scholarship on this within Argumentation Theory. For one of the latest special issues on the problem of adversariality in argumentation, see here:

CALL FOR PAPERSfor a topical issue ofOpen TheologyCULTURAL TRAUMA and THE HEBREW BIBLE(second call)https://www.degruyter.com/journal/key/opth/htmlHOW to SUBMITSubmissions will be collected by June 15, 2022, via the <…>

When a piece of philosophical writing is ambiguous, open-ended, or allusive, it"s fun to find new interpretations, & that can make you feel smart. But <…>

In fact, I recently came across a case where Jones himself was mistaken about what he had written 10 years ago. These things happen, especially

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I believe the point being made in Taylor"s bình luận is that in philosophy those uncertainties can be left untouched và there would still be many

I agree with all of this! My suggestion was aimed at reducing straightforward errors, such as "A wrote phường and phường is wrong" when A <…>

I believe the point being made in the previous comment is that in philosophy we’re often faced with uncertainties regarding exactly what Smith và Jones

I"m not suggesting that one fact-check different interpretations of primary sources--that would clearly be a category mistake. My suggestion is much simpler: That if Smith <…>

When I was on journal, editors (also students, but advanced students) were responsible for an initial analysis of suitability for publication/the journal & a pre-emption <…>

Even when keeping my opinions about economists và anyone else who writes about "incentives" very deep inside of me, I am baffled by this.When I <…>

Law reviews scrupulously check citations & factual assertions in the articles & essays they publish. Maybe philosophy journals should vị this, too. But paying bounties <…>

The emptiness of the uncertainty of tomorrow becomes the possibility of thinking or imagining another World. Virtues From Hell, By Fidèle Ingiyimbere