One of my favorite builds! I wish the BF line got more RG love. Where'd you get the added plavsky particle effects from? I'd be interested in getting those for mine if the price is right.

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If you are talking about the Plavsky gate effects, those come in the standalone Build Custom Universe Booster, which is mostly available to lớn serve as a conversion kit for the Build Strike Full Package

You can directly attach the backpack to lớn the RG body toàn thân but the chest piece won't fit, so i somewhat glued them lol

Well butter my biscuits, that's lovely. I looked into it a ton when I bought the RG, but couldn't find anything. You've now inspired me

Wow, nice one, how did you bởi vì that?

I've seen a đoạn clip in youtube that the hg universal booster connector wont fit with the rg body.

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Do you think there is any chance that you could fit the backpack without gluing it? I just don't lượt thích the idea of permanently change the kit.

and why don't you replace the side part of the feet with the star build strike's (the one with red clear part)?

i have longed dream for Bandai khổng lồ release the Universal booster for RG but they just won't vị it, thanks you inspired me.

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I don't think there's any way to lớn fit the chest piece without glueing or taping, but the booster itself attaches just fine. Also the leg part that you get in the hg universal booster won't fit the rg

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