Hermès le jardin de monsieur li


The Tatler team tries out Hermes" new shared fragrance -- the Le Jardin De Monsieur Li, inspired by a crisp bamboo garden -- and here is what we thought.

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Most unisex fragrances sit in the citrusy spectrum of scents but in an unexpected move, Hermes has chosen khổng lồ base its newest shared fragrance, the ‘Le Jardin De Monsieur Li’,on a garden.

It’s not just any garden either. Hermes is looking, in particular, at a Chinese bamboo garden metaphorically belonging to a Monsieur Li, sprung from somewhere between reality & the imagination.

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The result is a fresh, green olfactory that brings to lớn mind an invigorating spring morning accompanied by jasmine flowers, plum trees, kumquats & giant bamboos. The combination hence is just floral and crisp enough for the ladies, while maintaining enough musk và woodiness for the gentlemen.

We got a few of us from the Tatler team to lớn try it out and here is what they thought.

“It’s manly but not overpoweringly musky, which I like. The scent is very pleasing, being slightly floral, so it makes me feel fresh wearing it since it’s not too strong và overpowers everything else. I feel it’s a very balanced scent, being just the right point of bitter and sweet. I love it that it diminishes gradually, staying on long enough khổng lồ leave me feeling fresh when I need it.”

-- Allan Casal, Art Director

"It"s very suitable for day-time use, with a very youthful exuberance. It"s slightly spicy, not entirely floral, so it"s not too feminine. I would wear this out on weekends when I"m out with friends. It"s perfect for when I don"t need something too heavy. It is fresh, mild, & certainly smells và feel very young."

-- Jean Goon, Digital Director

"The first chú ý that I get is that it’s very fresh. As it settles, it becomes, a little spicy. Overall, it’s very exotic. It doesn’t bring to lớn mind a floral garden, it makes me think more of a herb garden. It’s a very unique scent -- it"s a little masculine which I lượt thích because I prefer scents that are stronger in character. I’m not big on sweet scents. It’s not overly feminine, I can certainly see both men and women liking this scent."

-- Dian Pasquinal Kaur, Digital Editor

“It’s mild which makes it a really pleasant scent for everyday use. I lượt thích it that it doesn’t overpower the senses. It’s slightly floral so it’s great for the new-age metrosexual man. It makes you feel like you’re standing in a garden, so it’s very invigorating, making it perfect for days when you have a picnic planned or something to vị with the outdoors.”

“It’s refreshing. It reminds me of freshly cut grass. It’s not too strong -- perfect for day use -- & it’s very casual, perfect for brunches and day-time meetings. It really makes you think of a garden, very freshly green, slightly floral, but still masculine with a slight muskiness that reminds me of having spent a day out tending in the gardens. It’s great for layering so you can build up your preferred intensity.”

-- Calvin Chong, Senior Digital Writer

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