Best 10 shopping malls in ho chi minh city


Ho đưa ra Minh đô thị is Vietnam’s biggest đô thị so that customers can find the best shopping centers here. Similar to lớn most of the shopping malls, 16 Best Shopping Malls in Ho bỏ ra Minh city which are listed as follows provide full services including dinning (restaurants, bakeries & cafes), shopping (supermarket, retail stores selling clothes, accessories, furnishings, decors, kitchenware, electronics), entertainment (game center, cinema complex, playground kids), spas, yoga and fitness from famous foreign and domestic brand names. Saigon Square 1 và An Dong Plaza are distinguished from the other because they specialize in high-quality clothes, accessories and souvenirs, most of which are non-branded or fake in reasonable prices. Saigon Garden Mall on Nguyen Hue is smaller than the others but it has a chất lượng green design.

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District 1

Most of the best shopping malls are located in District 1 – the political, economic, cultural & tourism center of Ho bỏ ra Minh City. The shopping malls in District 1 are spacious, usually located in skyscrappers, designed luxuriously and crowed with officers who work in the building and near by area, tourists, rich people and fashionable shoppers.

1. Takashimaya – Saigon Centre (Customer Care) | marketing of Saigon Centre building: Real Estate Saigon Corporation (RESCO) from Vietnam và Keppel Land Watco Co. Ltd, a joint venture entity between Keppel Land, one of Asia’s premier property companies.Operator of Takashimaya: Takashimaya – one of đứng top department stores in JapanGrand opening day: 30th July 2017Parking capacity: 500 cars & 5,000 motorbikes (on basements B3,B4,B5,B6, a part of B1,B2,B3)Total area: Takashimaya Shopping Mall: 15,000 m2 on 5 levels| Saigon Centre Shopping Mall: 40,000 mét vuông on 8 levels


Takashimaya & Saigon Centre are among Ho bỏ ra Minh City’s most luxurious malls that bring customers everything they expect at shopping centers. When visitors come to Saigon Center building complex, they can see the name board Takashimaya – Saigon Centre on the facade of the 43-story building. There are 2 shopping malls in this building: Takashimaya department store from nhật bản on B2,B1 basements, L1, L2, L3 floors and Saigon Centre shopping malls spreading over B2, B1, L1, L2, L3, L4, L5, L6. When customers are on a floor, they can see stores in the area of Takashimaya và the others are operated by Saigon Centre. However, visitors vì not need to be confused about which malls they are shopping in. They can enter Takashimaya and exit through the entrance of Saigon Centre và freely shop, eat, drink và entertain. The rooftop with green trees and models of birds và a nice view of the đô thị is worth checking in.

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2. Diamond Plaza


Diamond Plaza is one of the oldest, most beautiful và luxurious shopping centers in Ho bỏ ra Minh City. It is not only a place khổng lồ shop, enjoy your meals and watch a movie but also a majestic architectural work that blends the Eastern and Western, the old & new Saigon, the ancient & modern architectural styles. It is one of the complex of 3 buildings with stunning architectures: kim cương Plaza, Saigon Central Post Office and Notre Dame Cathedral.

Retail stores are the biggest part of this mall. In comparison to lớn other malls such as Saigon Centre, Vincom Center B, Vincom Center Landmark 81 providing a wide range of choices for dining, kim cương Plaza has less restaurants và cafes.

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On Ho đưa ra Minh city Shopping Tour by Motorbike, Tracy’s team does not take you khổng lồ shopping centers và markets for tourists but less-known shopping places where you can buy souvenirs, foods, clothes, accessories & others.

3. Vincom Center B (Dong Khoi)


Vincom Center B Shopping Mall is located in “gold quadrangle” and next to Nguyen Hue Walking Street, Saigon Opera House và lots of skyscrappers và luxury shopping centers. The highlights of this mall include spacious mall, good location, modern facilities, a large number of famous international and domestic brands. There is no minus at this shopping center và it is always recommended to visit when your are in Saigon.

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4. Saigon Garden Mall

saigonsignature.comGrand opening day: 22nd December 2015Number of floors: 4


Saigon Garden Mall – the green mall is a small shopping mall, with some retail stores selling souvenirs, flowers, restaurants and cafes including Starbuck, Coffee Bean và Leaf. Visitors are impressed by the sustainable design with green trees, plants at every corner of the mall and can be seen from outside. Entering the mall, visitors feel like being in Europa when they are in the street lined with old Saigon houses functioned as restaurants or cafes, lamp posts, trees, decoration lights and benches. From the balcony of the highest floor, visitors can enjoy a stunning view of Nguyen Hue Street. This is a nice place lớn relax, enjoy some foods and drinks in a eco friendly, romantic & cozy space.

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5. Saigon Square 1

Location: 81 nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho bỏ ra Minh City, Vietnam. It is located in the thành phố center, next lớn the iconic Ben Thanh Market, Saigon Centre Shopping Mall and Ben Thanh Bus Station.Opening hours: 09:00 – 21:00Owner: Phan Thanh Company LimitedOpening year: 2000Number of floors: 2


The 2-story Saigon Square 1, which is next khổng lồ Saigon Centre Mall và Ben Thanh Market, has been a popular places for locals và tourist to cửa hàng clothes & accessories which are high-quality and reasonably priced for nearly 20 years. Saigon Square 1 has been listed as one of top places to shop in Ho bỏ ra Minh đô thị in many articles và blog posts. The total floor area is as not large as other malls and the path inside the mall is narrow. However, Saigon Square attracts thousands of customers every day because it has the air condition system, vendors can speak English, cheap prices & good products. Although prices seem to be fixed, customers should bargain to buy the items at good prices.

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6. Icon68 Shopping Mall tập đoàn bitexco Group, a Vietnamese multi-industry corporation, focusing on real estateGrand opening day: 30th April 2013Total floor area: more than 10,000 m2; Number of floors: 6


The first reason why visitors should check in this mall is that it is located in beautiful lotus-bud-shaped tập đoàn bitexco Financial Tower – Top trăng tròn iconic buildings in the world by CNN Go and the 2nd highest building in Ho bỏ ra Minh City. The other highlights of this shopping center is modern facilities and full services including dinning, cinema và shopping, clinics. At Icon68, there are not as many fashion and accessories stores as in other shopping malls such as Saigon Centre, Takashimaya, Vincom Center Dong Khoi, etc. However, the food court, restaurants & cafes brand names provide a large number of choices and cozy atmosphere.

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7. Lucky Plaza Shopping Mall


Lucky Plaza is a nice 3-story building on Nguyen Hue Street. It houses stores selling high-quality unbranded clothes, accessories, souvenirs at cheap prices. If customers are good at bargaining, this is a great place to siêu thị in the city center. At Lucky Plaza, customers can buy dried foods, coffee and tea, handicrafts to bring trang chủ at the Tax supermarket, which was located in Saigon Saigon Tax Trade Centre và well-known as a good place to siêu thị in the city. Prices & the quality of the product are good at the Tax supermarket so that it is worth visiting. Similar lớn Saigon Square, Lucky Plaza is equipped with air conditioning system & vendors can speak English.

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District 2

In the past, District 2 is separated from District 1 by Saigon River. In recent, they have been connected by bridges and Thu Thiem Tunnels. Thao Dien & An Phu Wards are home to lots of rich people and expats. The district has some shopping centers such as Estella Place at 88 Song hanh khô Street, milimet Mega Market An Phu and Vincom Mega Mall Thao Dien. These malls are popular places of locals và expats in District 2 & neighboring districts & provinces. Because District 2 is about 8-10 km from District 1, tourists hardly reach the malls which are too far from the city center.

8. Vincom Mega Mall Thao Dien



In comparison to some malls in the center, Vincom Mega Mall Thao Dien is a large mall so that it provides spacious resting area, corridors, stores, dinning spaces và entertaining spaces. Visitors can spend the whole day in the mall with the large number of retail stores, restaurants and cafes. Vì not miss trying skating at the first ice skating rink in Ho đưa ra Minh City & watch a movie at Vietnam’s first cineplex meeting international standards.

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District 5

District 5 is a big part of Saigon đài loan trung quốc Town which feature a phối of specific Chinese culture và Vietnamese people. The area has lots of tourist attractions such as the city’s oldest pagodas, famous Binh Tay markets & special streets where to sell products at wholesale và retail. District 5 has some shopping malls, the best of which are The Garden Mall and An Dong Plaza.

9. The Garden Mall

saigonsignature.comOwner: Van Thinh Phat Group CorporationOpening day: 22nd December 2015Total floor area of 24,000 m2; Number of floors: 3


The grand opening of The Garden Mall which was Thuan Kieu Plaza is remarkable because this haunted building has been unused for nearly 10 years. They have repaired the exterior và interior of the building & turn the facade from pink màu sắc to green màu sắc representing energy, nature & renewal. The mall houses lots of popular restaurant and coffe brand names including Chinese restaurants. Ho đưa ra Minh City’s biggest Phuong Nam đô thị Bookstore which covers a total area of 2,000 m2 is located on the first floor (L2) of the mall. Mang lại Lon cultural area with mang lại Lon theater and Cocochin food courts makes the Garden Mall different from all malls in the city.

This shopping mall is not a perfect place to cửa hàng for the đứng đầu international fashion brands. Most of the visitors and tourists are usually stuck in District 1, a large number of expats live in District 1, District 2 và District 7 so that there are not many foreigners at the mall. However, some visitors come khổng lồ the mall lớn enjoy foods và drinks at luxury restaurants and cafes và learn more about the culture of cho Lon on their trip in Saigon đài loan trung quốc Town.

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10. An Dong Plaza


An Dong Plaza has no entertaining spaces but it specializes in souvenirs, clothes & accessories sold at wholesale & retail. If customers would lượt thích to enjoy their shopping time at a luxury và spacious mall, An Dong Plaza is not a place for them. The market is air-conditioned & equipped with modern escalators. It is always crowded with sellers, retailers selling at shops & markets in the city and neighboring provinces, workers and shippers. At a few corners, products are arranged untidily and some paths between 2 lines of stores are narrow. However, An Dong Plaza offers a vast number of good items made in Korea, Thailand, China, especially Vietnam at cheap prices if customers are good dealers. Made-in-Vietnam fashion products for exports are worth buying at this shopping mall. They vị not speak English like in Saigon Square 1 so that it is recommended khổng lồ go with local friends.

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District 7

District 7 with the Phu My Hung – a showcase of modern urban neighbourhood in Vietnam has lots of projects, apartment buildings, office building & shopping malls. The 2 biggest shopping malls in this district are Crescent Mall và SC Vivo City. Lotte Mart District 7 – one of the oldest shopping mall in Saigon và the first Lotte Mart mall in Vietnam is also a popular place for residents. Most tourists vày not go lớn these malls because they are far from the city center – District 1.

11. Crescent Mall



The spacious và green Crescent Mall is located right in the center of Phu My Hung. When visitors come to the mall, they will see a large garden with green grass and trees, outdoor playground for kids, small lakes & mountains. The mall is next lớn the well-known romantic and elegant Starlight Bridge and Crescent Lake, many of the restaurants & cafes look over the lovely lake with the nice bride. Dozens of large cafes & restaurants, fashion và accessories stores is a plus of this shopping center. The food court provides thousands of seats and hundreds of foods & drinks is a plus. Crescent Mall is always decorated luxuriously with expensive ceilings và light decorations, a fish aquarium with coral reefs. It can be said this is one of the best malls khổng lồ buy top name-brand products và eat at the greatest restaurants in Saigon.

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12. SC Vivo City



SC Vivo city is one of the top shopping centers in not only District 7 but also the entire Ho đưa ra Minh City. The mall brings customers everything they need at an all-in-one stop which is the trend of shopping these days. Some notable at SC Vivo city include the wet & dry sky park for kids on the rooftop and large green garden in front of the mall.