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Spider lily is the common name for a number of different plant species within the family Amaryllidaceae which belong khổng lồ the following genera:

Lilies (play)

Lilies (French: Les feluettes) is a critically acclaimed play, written by gay Quebec playwright Michel Marc Bouchard, which premiered in 1987.

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The play concerns the confession of an aging prisoner lớn a bishop. Through the confession, và the staged scenes acted out by the male prisoners in the prison chapel, we learn that the bishop & the prisoner were part of a gay love triangle, & that the bishop was responsible for the death of a young man many years ago. The play"s English translation by Linda Gaboriau was published in 1991, và was made into a film called Lilies, which was directed by John Greyson.

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Lilies (disambiguation)

Lilies is the plural khung of lily.

Lilies may also refer to:

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Lilies (film)

Lilies is a 1996 Canadian film directed by John Greyson. It is an adaptation by Michel Marc Bouchard & Linda Gaboriau of Bouchard"s obestwintergames.com play Lilies. It depicts a play being performed in a prison by the inmates.

Plot summary

Expository narration

Lilies is phối in a Quebec prison in 1952. Jean Bilodeau (Marcel Sabourin), the local bishop, is brought khổng lồ the prison lớn hear the confession of Simon Doucet (Aubert Pallascio), a dying inmate. But Doucet in fact has a very different revelation for Bilodeau: he has enlisted his fellow inmates to lớn stage a play mix in 1912, when Bilodeau and Doucet were childhood friends.

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The play within the film

Most of the film consists of the play within the film, presented by the inmates for Bilodeau & Doucet. Because it is taking place within a prison, the female roles are portrayed by the male prisoners. The young Bilodeau và Simon are performed by younger inmates (Matthew Ferguson và Jason Cadieux).

Spider (pulp fiction)

The Spider is an American pulp-magazine anh hùng of the 1930s và 1940s.


The Spider was created in 1933 by Harry Steeger at Popular Publications as direct competition lớn Street và Smith Publications" vigilante hero, the Shadow. Though similar, The Spider was millionaire playboy Richard Wentworth, who had served as a Major in World War I, and was living in thành phố new york City unaffected by the financial deprivations of the Great Depression. The ninth pulp has him as the last surviving member of a rich family.

Wentworth was easily identified as The Spider by his enemies in a number of earlier novels and was arrested by the police but quickly escaped, adopting a disguise & associated alias Tito Caliepi, donning make-up, a wig of lank hair, a đen cape, và slouch hat. Later in the pulp series, vampire-like makeup appeared and then a face mask with grizzled hair; a hunchback was then added to lớn terrorize the criminal underworld with The Spider"s brand of violent vigilante justice. (Actor and comedian Harold Lloyd previously had used a similar mask, lank hair wig, và hunchback in the comedy film Dr. Jack (1922)). Caliepi sometimes begged, utilizing Wentworth"s talent with a violin.

Spider (2007 film)

Spider is a 2007 Australian black Comedy short film directed by Nash Edgerton and written by David Michôd & Nash Edgerton. The film had its world premiere in competition at the Sydney Film Festival on 17 June 2007. After that the film compete at number of film festivals và later theatrically released with Edgerton"s feature-film The Square.


Consummate joker Jack plays a prank on his girlfriend Jill that goes too far. But lượt thích mum said, "It"s all fun & games until someone loses an eye."


Chum Ehelepola as Gas Station AttendantBruno Xavier as Gas Station AttendantTony Lynch as Paramedic


Critical response

The film earned mainly positive nhận xét from critics. Jason Sondhi of short of the week gave film the positive đánh giá said "It’s for sure a superior film, I just think I loved everything about it except the parts that I assume everyone loves." David Brook of blue print nhận xét gave the film four out of five stars & said "A simple one-gag comedy-short that works surprisingly well due khổng lồ some accomplished naturalistic direction and performances. A nice cảm biến at the end, although unnecessary, went dobestwintergames.com well with the audience too." Wesley Morris of Boston.com said that "as well-delivered as its shocks are, this film is cleverness in the service of cruelty."

Spider (disambiguation)

A spider is a type of arthropod.

Spider or Spiders may also refer to:



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